Your Right to Debt Relief


Bankruptcy is an extraordinary remedy available to individuals, corporations and other businesses.  Bankruptcy is a right that is protected by the United States Constitution.  It provides honest debtors with an opportunity to obtain a "fresh start".  The filing of a case will stop all collection actions, including foreclosures.


Bankruptcy may be your best option.  We will discuss your financial circumstances and determine the best course of action.  As a practicing attorney in the Bankruptcy Court for 30 years, I have helped many individuals, small businesses, and family farmers deal with their creditors and get through the tough time. 


Regain Financial Control

Although bankruptcy may seem extreme to many, it is a viable way to reorganize the debt and gain time to pay or to discharge the debts completely. Bankruptcy may give businesses, families or individuals the opportunity to regain their lives without the constant worry, sleepless nights and fear of creditors.

I am experienced in filing bankruptcy to achieve

 - Personal Debt Discharge (Chapter 7)                - Personal Reorganization (Chapter 13)    - Business Reorganization (Chapter 11)              - Farm Reorganization (Chapter 12) 

Consultations are free.  Contact me today at 412-456-1882 to set up an appointment to review your specific financial situation.  

It could be the best decision you make this year.  

I am a debt relief agent, I help people file for bankruptcy.

Debt relief with Respect  

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